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Wear this shirt with PRIDE. On 4th of July, on election day - Nov. 3, and on any other day you want the world to know RAZA is here to represent.

Model (5'10" 178lbs) wearing size Large. 

*Tees ship in 3-5 business days*

And because I like to talk a lot, here's this SHIRT INSPIRATION AND MEANING

Short Answer: This one's for my RAZA. Who know we can't be defined by a shade of color because we hit the whole crayon box. Who are proud of where we come from AND where we're standing. I love us and how GREAT we make estos Estados Unidos. Leave it to others, our histories, achievements and self-worth would be non-existent. But... as only Raza does, we remain. Diosito got us like that.

More Answer lol: This shirt has so many meanings to me. Showing how we come in all shades, showing that we're all one race, and truly showing the makeup of America. Often, people think it's UnAmerican to disagree with our government or society or authority. To want equal anything for minority groups and to protest for it. However, that's the most American, that's what made America; wanting better, combating injustice, and listening to the people. (Otherwise we'd be a dictatorship, seriously, look up the definition) But because of this, the American flag is often politicized and used to oppress us who also make this country up, also fight for it to stand free, and also work for it to stay afloat economically. This is me, including us, we are American, we are Latinos, our pride runs deep, and we don't have to choose one over the other. RAZA, we come in all shades and we make up the greatest country in the world. USA, the second largest Spanish speaking country next to Mexico. 2020, the START of a non-majority America. From now until 2045, the majority "white" population of America will become a minority. American's Under 18 are NOW more people of color, than "white."